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How to Write a Novel Class Live Q&A: Video Replay

This was my first-EVER YouTube live event, and the sound is funky. I’ve fixed it for future live chats, but this time I sound like I’m in a stadium that seats 100,000, and no one’s there yet.

On the bright side, on this site I've already skipped to the point where we actually get started, so you can safely hit PLAY without confronting the live version's 6+ minutes of "OUCH."

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Launch dates may change depending on when I get the first lesson done, and everything set up in the classroom. To know when you can join the class in the first group, sign up here:

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My How to Write a Novel class is coming!

My biggest, deepest, and most anticipated class is on its way...

I’ve covered everything from creating flash fiction that doesn’t suck to writing short stories to revising a novel, to “how to write better villains" but when I asked my fellow writers what they really wanted — and exactly what they wanted to know about the subject, they started listing questions — and when I dug through, sorted, catgorized, and winnowed out the process and writing essentials for those hundreds of questions, I came up with 35 essential lessons that will walk you step by step through writing your own novel.

How to Write a Novel

Download the Provisional Class Outline

In the outline, I show you what each lesson I currently have planned will cover.

I say currently, because I’m doing a live Q&A with writers on Thursday, Sept. 6th, at 1:30 PM ET, and if they ask me questions I haven’t covered in the class, I’ll revise the outline to include additional lessons.